RAW: almond, that restaurant that pops up on the frozen Assiniboine River in Winnipeg every year, will have a new look in 2015.

Design firm OS31 won the competition to design the space with their X-shaped tent.

The firm is known for designing “lightweight and adaptable” structures.

A RAW: almond jury selected OS31’s designs over a number of submissions.

OS31 concept drawings for RAW: almond pop up on ice restaurant

OS31's designs call for a long, communal table, similar to designs from past years. (RAW: almond)

The pop-up restaurant started in 2013 in Winnipeg, under the guidance of Deer + Almond’s Mandel Hitzer.

For the last two years, the tent was designed and built with by RAW Gallery co-creator Joe Kalturnyk.

Kalturnyk used aluminum scaffolding and steel connectors to make the space.

The event offers multi-course meals from world-renowned chefs and as well as a number of locals.

The event has sold out both years – seeing thousands brave the cold for a chance to experience a five-course meal and drink pairings.

For the past two years, part of the pop-up restaurant’s design is a long, communal table. OS31 has continued that trend in its successful designs.