Officials with vending machine companies in Winnipeg say they have had to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade their machines to accept Canada's new $20 bill.

At least one company, Vend-Tec Group, says it will cost upwards of $25,000 to replace all of its vending machines to accept the new notes, on top of the $30,000 it has already spent upgrading the same machines to accept the latest $2 and $1 coins.

"It is frustrating," Collin Stone, Vend-Tec's vice-president, told CBC News on Tuesday.

"We try and make the best of it, of course, but it is a very big toll on always upgrading from the coins to the bills."

The Bank of Canada said it gave vendors six months to upgrade their machines before the new $20 bills went into circulation in November.

But another Winnipeg company, Quality Vending, says the bill was changed after it had already changed 50 of its machines, forcing staff to do a second round of costly upgrades.

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