Nenshi injects into Alberta election

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and the city canvassed five political parties on policies such as policing, affordable housing and the spending of tax dollars.

City canvassed parties to find out where they stand on variety of issues

It never hurts to ask.

At least that's Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi's approach when it comes to his wants and needs from the next provincial government.

The city canvassed the five main political parties on their policies on policing, affordable housing and the spending of tax dollars.

The parties' answers were then posted Tuesday on the city-operated website

The mayor’s wish list for Alberta's next premier, also posted on the site, is long and varied.   

But the issue nearest and dearest to his heart is the relationship between the province and municipalities.

Nenshi says the Municipal Government Act is antiquated. Instead he likes the idea of a "city charter."

Next on his list? Municipal financing.   

The mayor says Calgary needs more money but, just as importantly, that funding from the province needs to be "stable and predictable."

"The biggest challenge that we have with current systems is when we rely on the provincial government writing us a cheque, we have to rely on them, and we have to rely on them to go to the bank and cash the cheque."

Nenshi says without stable and predictable funding, huge infrastructure projects, like LRT expansions, could be in jeopardy.

"It means that the mayors of Calgary and Edmonton and other municipalities are reduced to going cap in hand and saying, ‘Please sir, can I have some more’ every single time. And sometimes, even when we're promised more, it doesn't actually come."

Nenshi stopped short of endorsing any one party or leader but, he says he's pleased all leaders are willing to come to the table if elected.

Nenshi urges Calgarians to find out more about the survey of the parties at his new website,