Manitoba New Democrats are promising to boost funding for the LGBT community in Manitoba if they are re-elected April 19.

The increased funding includes expanding surgical coverage for transgender Manitobans. The provincial government under the NDP would cover more services including: phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, electrolysis, and tracheal shaves, procedures involved when a person is transitioning from one gender to another. 

The government would also increase funding for education programs for frontline workers and work with Klinic to provide more counseling to help Manitobans through the process.

"Our party is committed to better, more appropriate health care for our LGBTTQ* community," said Sharon Blady, NDP candidate for Kirkfield Park in a written statement.

The NDP said it uses an asterisk to include all people who identify as part of the LGBT community, including: intersex, questioning, and two-spirited.

"Our NDP team is proud to commit to these new supports and investments, which will provide some of the best coverage for gender transitioning in Canada," said Blady.

The government would also increase funding to Rainbow Resource Centre and Our Own Health Centre.