Manitoba's New Democrats are promising to get tough on crime with more police officers, more ankle bracelets and new penalties for drug dens.

Greg Selinger said on Friday that if his party is re-elected, he'll fund 100 new officers to walk the beat and keep an eye out for criminals.

Fifty of them would be assigned to  Winnipeg, the other 50 to rural and northern Manitoba.

"We want them on the street, downtown, North End, northern and rural communitites. We want police to be visible and in contact with the communities," he said.

As well, there would be 25 new police cadets added to Winnipeg's downtown.

Selinger is also promising to expand the use of electronic ankle bracelets, which are currently used for chronic car thieves. He wants to start using them for sex offenders, people convicted of domestic abuse and other criminals.

Selinger said the NDP didn't expand the program sooner because they wanted to be sure the program works.

He also plans new laws that would sharply penalize people for booby-trapping drug labs or using animals to guard drug dens.

In addition, Selinger said the province would implement a program modeled on Chicago's After School Matters, aimed at keeping at-risk kids out of gangs and in sports and other activities at night.

Manitoba will also work with Ottawa to make gang recruitment a crime.