Alberta’s New Democrats will push to bring a provincial renewable energy research centre to Lethbridge, says party leader Brian Mason.

"We want to position Lethbridge as a world leader as provinces and countries look to replace fossil fuel-generated electricity from renewable sources," said leader Brian Mason. "This is a great way to invest Alberta’s energy prosperity for a prosperous future for our children."

The NDP would spend $50 million over three years towards a renewable development fund along with the research centre to make Alberta a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, he said.

The NDP would also reinvest the $400 million remaining in the Carbon Capture and Sequestration Fund in projects related to renewable energy.

"Right now, the Conservatives have given corporations $1.6 billion toward carbon capture without effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions," said Mason. "We could use at least part of the $400 million remaining in the Fund for energy conservation and renewable energy projects."