christine melnick

A cabinet minister with the NDP government since 2003, Christine Melnick was removed in part because she lied to the legislature, the province said Tuesday. (CBC)

Manitoba's NDP government said Tuesday former cabinet minister Christine Melnick was removed from cabinet partly because she lied to the legislature.

Melnick had denied she ordered a senior bureaucrat last year to invite immigrants and support workers to the legislature for a debate.

The province's admission comes after the ombudsman's report last week that said Melnick did in fact order the bureaucrat to make the invitation.

Melnick was shuffled out of cabinet in October, when she lost the immigration and multiculturalism portfolio.

A government spokesperson said Melnick's misleading the legislature was one of a number of factors that contributed to her losing her cabinet post. 

Manitoba's opposition continued its call for an inquiry to investigate Melnick's conduct.

Progressive Conservative leader, Brian Pallister, said it's even more necessary now.

"We've called on the premier to call for a house committee to investigate this issue," he said Tuesday.

"Because I believe that what we're dealing with here is not just a cover-up, but a cover-up of a cover-up."

Pallister said Manitobans deserve to know what Premier Greg Selinger knew about the matter.

A government spokeperson said Melnick has apologized.