Mystery of Krummhorn Castle, The; or, Rosalind House Orphans vs. The Army of Abominations

CBC: ​🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Company: Kiss the Giraffe Productions

Genre: Musical

Venue: 1 — John Hirsch Mainstage

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In the show notes, Winnipeg playwright Joseph Aragon says he first dreamed up the idea for this musical when he was just 12 years old – and you can tell. Who else but a kid would cram kung fu kicking orphans, mad scientists and a genetically engineered "octo-bunny" (part rabbit, part octopus) into one mysterious castle?  

This is a madcap, whip-smart and wildly entertaining production, carried by a top-notch cast who are all triple threats (as in, they all sing, dance, and throw a mean punch).  As the scenery-chewing mad professor, Derek Leenhouts nearly steals the show every time he's onstage.

And the six plucky orphans who battle him for the future of humankind (for real) are proof of just how iron-willed – and ingenious - teenage girls can be.

Tucked into all the zippy musical numbers are some important life lessons, too: don't abandon your friends, Latin might just save your life, and if you're "creative and a little mad, the world is yours." 

This is family-friendly Fringe fare at its finest.

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