The hot-air balloon hit the ground six times over 200 metres before the basket overturned and burst into flames, according to witnesses to the Aug. 11 crash. ((Ernie Chalus))

A Winnipeg woman, who was burned when a hot air balloon she was in crashed on the weekend, says the company that operates the balloons should ground them.

Liz Clowes was among 12 people injured when the craft skipped across a farmer's field north of the city Saturday morning, before crashing and bursting into flames.

"I was running through the field" with fellow passenger Samantha King, Clowesrecalled Wednesday. "Sam, I remember Sam running through the field ahead of me, and then she stopped and I stopped and turned around, and at that point, I remember Sam yelling: 'Liz, Liz, you're on fire!'" Clowes told CBC's Afternoon Edition.

"My back was on fire, my sweater was on fire, and she put me out with her hands. She doesn't even remember doing it."

Clowes has recovered, but says a burned hand remains sore and she has trouble sleeping.Other passengers she has spoken with also say they've had nightmares since the crash, she said.

Although Sundance Balloons president Barry McGonigle said Monday he had been in touch with the crash victims, Clowes said the company did not contact her until Tuesday night. Samantha King told CBC on Wednesday that the company had still not contacted her.

Clowes is calling on the London, Ont.-based company to grounditsballoonsuntil the Transportation Safety Board's investigation of the crash is complete.

"We don't know what the cause of this incident was. It could have been a faulty propane tank, it could have been anything, faulty equipment… who knows?" she said.

"Until this investigation is over and other people don't get hurt or killed, put the balloons on the ground.If you want to show you care, do that."

Sundance officialshad earlier indicated the company planned to resume flights this week.

Contacted by CBCNews onWednesday, McGonigle said the model of balloon involved in the crash — a Firefly 12-B — has been grounded until the TSBfinishes looking into the accident.

McGonigle also said Sundance has tried to contact all of the passengers on the ill-fated flight.