Dave Daley's route to Winnipeg included a lot of tough sledding over barren ground, but he did find some snow along the way. ((Facebook))

Dave Daley and his dog-team are in Winnipeg after completing a rugged 1,200 kilometre, three-week trek from his home-base in Churchill.

Daley, a well-known figure in the dog-sled world, made the trip as part of a provincial initiative dubbed Manitoba Homecoming 2010, which celebrates the 140th anniversary of the province entering Confederation.

Daley says a general lack of snow on his route made the trip especially challenging.

"It was like running on old rail beds and trails and rocks and across farmer's fields with clumps of frozen dirt — just basically running on the ground," Daley said.

The musher and dogs arrived in Winnipeg on Thursday. After taking a day to rest up, the team will be part of an official city welcome at the Forks on Saturday at 1 p.m. CT.


A pair of Daley's dogs take a rest break during a trek from Churchill to Winnipeg. ((Facebook))

Prior to this run, the longest trek Daley had ever done was the roughly 400-kilometre Hudson Bay Quest race.