Dozens of people gathered on Langside Street in Winnipeg on Tuesday to remember a 20-year-old man who was shot to death in broad daylight.

Nigel Dixon was walking home with his step-sister on April 2, 2013 when he was approached by a group of men who accused Dixon of being in a gang.

When Dixon and his sister tried to keep walking, they were shot.

Dixon’s sister was rushed to hospital and treated, but Dixon was killed, and police said they don’t believe the young man or his sister ever had any gang ties.

Nigel Dixon vigil

A mourner holds a photo of Nigel Dixon at a vigil on Tuesday. Dixon, 20, was shot in broad daylight in April 2013 in what police say was a case of mistaken identity. (Nelly Gonzalez/CBC)

Last month, charges were laid against an 18 year old man who was arrested in Vancouver.

On Tuesday, friends, family members and people from the community met at the site where Dixon was gunned down.

Friends and family said Dixon was a soft-spoken young man who wanted to help others. He often played video games with his step-brothers and step-sisters and was looking for work when he was killed.

Mourners held a healing circle with drums and images of Dixon around 3 p.m.

They planned to go to Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre on King Street after the vigil to discuss the ongoing problem with gang violence in the city.