Many Winnipeggers are enjoying fewer mosquitoes than usual so far this summer, but that does not appear to be the case in communities just outside the city.

Winnipeg's mosquito population has been low enough in recent weeks that city crews have not had to do any fogging.

Mosquito trap numbers throughout the city have, on average, been in the single digits, aside from several traps with higher numbers.

"Those mosquitoes that are out there now, they're getting older, they'll have a couple blood meals and they'll start dying off," city entomologist Taz Stuart said Thursday.

"The hotter it is, the sooner they die. The cooler it is, the longer they get to live."

Some residents told CBC News they have not noticed a lot of mosquitoes outside lately.

But the mosquitoes have been out in full force in Selkirk, Man., a city about 34 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, prompting crews to spray there.

Ed Mireau said he has been camping in Selkirk, and many people have been complaining about the pesky bloodsucking insects.

"They were a lot worse than they were last year," he said.

"[On the] first of July, when they had the fireworks up here by the bridge, a lot of people had to leave because of the mosquitoes."

Back in Winnipeg, Stuart said while residents will likely continue to see low mosquito numbers while temperatures stay hot, he warned that the situation could change if temperatures start to fall or if there is significant rainfall.