It may feel like the mosquitoes are out in full force across Winnipeg, but the situation isn't bad enough to again out the fogging trucks.

A city spokesperson said the city's AFA — or Adulticiding Factor Analysis — level has been high since July 1, but trap counts indicate the number of nuisance mosquitoes "is not significant at this time to warrant a fogging program" on Thursday.

The number of mosquitoes are highest in the city's southwest quadrant, much of which fogged earlier this week.

Some traps in the southwest caught more than 270 bugs on Thursday. The average count in that quadrant was 104.

Officials say if fogging does resume, they will give the public eight hours' notice before trucks are sent to areas with the most mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, the mayor and councillors in the western Manitoba city of Brandon will decide next Monday whether to start fogging for mosquitoes.

If a motion to spray is passed by council, trucks would start spraying malathion that night.

Brandon residents who do not want their homes fogged must register with the city to have a 100-metre buffer zone around their properties.