The City of Winnipeg will start fogging Saturday, saying the combination of larviciding and other treatments to control thriving mosquito populations has not worked.

It issued 24-hour public notice Friday that it will fog between 9:30 p.m. Saturday and 6:30 a.m Sunday, based on trap counts that saw the city move from medium to high on Thursday. 

The city said Friday the trap count is 223. 

That, plus the average trap count threshold of 25 female mosquitoes for 2 consecutive nights, and one or more quadrants being in the range of 100 female adult mosquitoes, mean the city has met the conditions allowing fogging to occur.

The city uses the insecticide Pro Malathion ULV.

The city said buffer zones will be respected, but Winnipeggers wanting their property excluded have to register with the city. 

You can also find out when your area will be fogged by calling 311 or by going to the city's Insect Control website.