Mosquito fogging to start Sunday in Winnipeg

High mosquito numbers have pushed the City of Winnipeg to start a short-term fogging program Sunday.
Due to high counts of mosquitos the City of Winnipeg will start fogging the insects. (University of Notre Dame, James Gathany/Associate Press)

Winnipeggers will soon be getting some relief from biting mosquitoes.

The city has issued a 24-hour notice Saturday that it will start fogging for mosquitoes Sunday night.

The city's Public Works Department's Insect Control Branch said it has used larviciding and residual treatments to kill the insects, but population counts are getting too high to be treated by this method.

Saturday citywide trap counts reached 138 mosquitos, meeting provincial guidelines to start fogging. The last time the city used fogging for pest control was in 2010.

"Because it's a very short-term program in our minds, we won't be testing the alternative product tomorrow," said Taz Stuart an entomologist with the City of Winnipeg.

Between 18 and 20 management areas will be treated.

The fogging will be carried out between Sunday at 9:30 p.m. and Monday at 6:30 a.m. Winnipeg neighbourhoods have been divided into 51 different insect management areas.

If people want to know which areas they fall into and when the fogging will be done in their section, they can either go to the Insect Control website and click on "find your insect management area," or call 311.

If residents don't want their property fogged, they can register with the city. Spraying will not take place for 90 metres on each side of a registered property.

Fogging will not happen if the temperature drops to below 13 C or if wind speeds are too high.