Mosquito fogging set to hit Assiniboine, Springfield South

The city's fogging crews will be back out on the hunt for Winnipeg's pesky blood-suckers Wednesday evening.

East Elmwood, Peguis, Regent, Broadway, Wolseley, Garden City among areas to be fogged Wednesday

Winnipeg will continue to battle the blood-sucking insects with more fogging in the city on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. (CBC)

The city's fogging crews will be back out on the hunt for Winnipeg's pesky blood-suckers Wednesday evening.

The Public Works Department's Insect Control Branch said it was unable to hit all scheduled fogging zones Tuesday evening due to cold weather, so it plans on making up for some of the missed spots Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

The city requires an average of close to 100 adult mosquitoes in at least one trap in each city quadrant before it will deploy its fleet of of foggers. 

All buffer zones will be respected, meaning crews will not fog within 90 metres of either side of registered properties.

Fogging will occur between 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and 6:30 a.m. Thursday.

Check the adapted City of Winnipeg nuisance fogging schedule to see if your neighbourhood is one of those being fogged Wednesday:

Insect Management Area



Kilcona Park, River East, Springfield North, Valhalla


Eaglemere, Grassie, McLeod Industrial, North Transcona Yards, Springfield South, Valley Gardens


East Elmwood, Kildonan Crossing, Munroe East, Talbot Grey, Tyne Tees


Griffin, Meadows, Peguis, Radisson, Regent, Victoria West


Armstrong Point, Broadway - Assiniboine, Legislature, Portage & Main, South Portage, The Forks, West Broadway, Wolseley

Insect Management Areas to be treated Wednesday night upon completion of above areas


Betsworth, Ridgewood South, River West Park, Roblin Park, Southboine, Westdale


Elmhurst, Eric Coy, Marlton,  Ridgedale, Varsity View, Vialoux


Edgeland, Old Tuxedo, South Tuxedo, Tuxedo,


Assiniboine Downs, Buchanan, Kirkfield, Glendale, Westwood


Birchwood, Booth, Jameswood, Murray Industrial Park, Silver Heights, Woodhaven


Garden City, Leila - McPhillips Triangle, Margaret Park, Templeton - Sinclair


Jefferson, Kildonan Park, Seven Oaks