Winnipeg's mosquito fogging trucks will pass through more neighbourhoods tonight.

Crews will fog with malathion in Silver Heights, St. James, Woodhaven, Deer Lodge, King Edward and Murray Industrial Park.

The spraying is being done despite the city-wide trap average count being only seven. Typically, it has to be 25 for two consecutive days, with at least one section of the city recording a minimum count of 100.

The highest quadrant trap count is nine, in the northwest and southwest.

The city is simply saying that "until further notice, fogging will be carried out on a daily basis between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m."

Daily announcements will be released at least eight hours in advance of fogging and will identify the Insect Management Areas (IMA) being targeted.

Crews will not treat an area within 90 metres of any homes that have registered for buffer zones.

Weather permitting, crews will fog in the following areas:


36 — Birchwood, Booth, Jameswood, Murray Industrial Park, Silver Heights, Woodhaven   38 — Bruce Park, Deer Lodge, King Edward