More Winnipeggers think the city's police officers are doing a good job, according to a survey conducted by the police service.

Of the more than 600 residents who participated in the satisfaction survey, about 70 per cent of them said they thought the police are doing an excellent or good job.

That's up by almost 10 per cent from the last survey in 2010, said Coun. Scott Fielding, who heads up the Winnipeg Police Board.

"So more people over the last three years are saying that they have a very good perception of the police, that they're doing a good job, which is a good trend to have," he told CBC News on Friday.

Fielding said the survey also showed people are feeling a bit safer in their communities.
"It's a positive trend, reflective of probably some of the crime numbers that have been going down over the last two to five years. We're happy to see that," he said.

What hasn't been as popular is photo radar, with 70 per cent approving of it in the latest survey, compared to 82 per cent in 2010.