An organization that helps pet owners find their lost dogs held its first fundraiser Saturday.

Winnipeg Lost Dog Alerts started two years ago as a Facebook page, helping owners find their missing pets.

The organization now has its own website and a group of volunteers who put up posters and go out in their cars looking for lost animals.

"The money's going to be raised…to help with lost dogs and we're also going to be working directly with a lot of the rescues to help with their vet bills," said Katie Powell, with the organization.

The Lost Dog Alerts website has tips on what to do if a pet owner loses a dog and on what people can do if they find a lost dog.

The site also has a map feature for rural dogs that are missing, which shows the location where a dog went missing along with the animal's information.

Several dog rescue organizations were at the event to raise awareness about the need to find homes for stray dogs in Winnipeg.