Another New Democrat MLA has announced that she won't be running in the next provincial election.

St. Norbert's Marilyn Brick said she will not seek re-election this fall. The election is set for Oct. 4.

Brick has held the seat in south Winnipeg since 2003.

On Thursday, George Hickes said he wouldn't run again in Point Douglas.

In the 2007 election, the Conservatives targeted St. Norbert in the hopes of returning it to its blue roots.

Brick won the riding from the Tories in 2003 by fewer than 1,000 votes.

But Brick increased her lead to about 53 per cent of the popular vote, up five percentage points over 2003.

The 2011 vote is the first set-date election, according to the Elections Manitoba website.

After that vote, the next general election must be held on the first Tuesday in October four years later.