Family members of a Winnipeg woman who has been missing for nearly a month are frantically searching around the city in the hopes of finding her.

Carolyn Marie Sinclair, 25, was last heard from on Dec. 13, when she told her family she would be home for Christmas.


Carolyn Sinclair, who has been missing since Dec. 13, would not normally go beyond two or three days without phoning, according to her sister. (Winnipeg Police Service)

"We don't know if she's OK. Like, she hasn't phoned her family or her kid, nothing," her sister, Amanda Sinclair, told CBC News.

"This is to the point where that's why we're very scared…. We don't want nothing bad to happen to her."

Family members and friends have been putting posters up in Winnipeg's West End — an area Sinclair was known to frequent — and looking across the city for her.

Amanda Sinclair said everyone is worried about her sister's well-being, including the band council in their home community of Pukatawagan, Man.

"They are sending us money for gas and stuff like that so that we can be on the road searching for her," she said.

"We've pulled a lot of people together and, you know, we're trying to stay strong and hopefully she'll get home."

Amanda Sinclair said Carolyn would sometimes go two or three days without calling, but not beyond that.

Carolyn Sinclair is described as being five feet seven inches tall and weighing 160 pounds, with long, straight black hair and brown eyes. Winnipeg police say she has a scar over her right eye.

Amanda Sinclair said her sister is five months pregnant and is not getting the prenatal care she needs.

Anyone with information about Sinclair's whereabouts is asked to contact the Winnipeg Police Service's missing persons unit at (204) 986-6250.