A vigil was held in Winnipeg today to remember a some of the missing and murdered who are often forgotten or shut out: men.

Laura Lafrance helped organize the event in front of the Manitoba Legislature to bring more attention to the issue.

"Through the effects of residential schools, colonization, the over-representation of men that are missing and murdered.. it's actually not being talked about. And we need to bring more light upon it," she said.

"I think that in our communities men are looked at as being villanized, and they're looked at as being demonized, so through the representation in the jails and how they're represented in the media as being drug dealers or being drug affiliated or ... it needs to stop."

About 15 people participated. Families were encouraged to bring pictures of loved ones, candles, and dress ties to honour the men who have passed away.

Laura Lafrance speaks to the vigil attendees.

Laura Lafrance speaks to the vigil attendees. (Courtney Rutherford/CBC)