Missing Manitoba camper 'glad to be back home'

Christopher Cloutier, the 24-year-old camper who was missing in Nopiming Provincial Park for three days, says he's glad to be home and thankful for everyone who helped look for him.

Christopher Cloutier went missing in Nopiming Provincial Park over the weekend

Christopher Cloutier, 24, was camping with friends over the weekend when he got separated from the group on Saturday. (Family photo)

Christopher Cloutier, the 24-year-old camper who was missing in Nopiming Provincial Park for three days, says he's glad to be home and thankful for everyone who helped look for him.

He went missing near Shoe Lake on Saturday afternoon. He was found on Tuesday.

"Thanks everyone for all your support and love…. Words can't describe how I feel for everyone that was thinking about me," Cloutier wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon.

"I'm home and safe and will be thanking everyone in person or on [Facebook]," he wrote, adding that it may take some time to thank everyone since so many people were involved.

"Again thanks for everyone who came down and helped with the search. It was a long couple of days and I'm glad to be back home."

Earlier on Wednesday, Cloutier’s brother, Steve, told CBC News he spoke with his brother over the phone not long after he was found on Tuesday.

Chris Cloutier walked out of the woods onto a highway, where a car driving by picked him up, his brother said. He was then taken to a nearby restaurant where police and an ambulance were waiting.

Cloutier was taken to Pinawa Hospital and was later released. He is now with his dad and sister, who were in Nopiming Provincial Park searching for Cloutier on Tuesday.

Cloutier is tired and dehydrated but Steve Cloutier said family members are relieved and beyond happy that Chris has been found.

Steve Cloutier also said the family is grateful for the amount of support they received.