When Brody Unrau was born, doctors told the tiny baby's parents he was incompatible with life.

Now the Winkler, Man., baby is defying the odds and has been labelled a miracle.

Brody was born 15 weeks premature in November, but his health issues started in the womb. His dad, Eric, and mom, Randi, were initially expecting twins. 

"Brody was connected to his twin, Blake, who didn't make it when he was born," Eric said. 

"But I guess that we found out that Brody, all of his body parts were working twice as hard because he was growing his brother beside him."

Brody's heart was slowing down because of the strain and when he was born, exceptionally early, his lungs weren't fully developed. He also has short gut syndrome.

"He was only 25 weeks gestation when he was born, so he was one pound, 11 ounces," Randi said. 

"He had a lot of health problems right when he was born and continues to have a lot."

Brody Unrau

Brody Unrau's dad, Eric, and mom, Randi, say it's been an emotional journey after the little boy was born with multiple health issues. (Unrau family/Submitted)

There have been ups and downs with the little baby's life, which so far has been spent in the intensive care unit at Health Sciences Centre.

"He still has a breathing machine and a lot of extra support from the hospital, but he recently just had a big setback. He had a big infection that almost caused him to pass away," Randi said. 

"He's slowly improving from that, but he still has a long way to go." 

Brody Unrau

Brody Unrau's parents say the baby's condition has been improving. (Phocus Photography)

While the journey continues, the family said they have received amazing support from the hospital staff as well as their home community of Winkler.

"It feels kind of cool to know that there are so many people who are so concerned and who want to see the success of our son," Eric said, adding they've asked people to pray for Brody — "and a lot of the people who are taking care of him on a daily basis at the Health Science Centre."

No parent wants to see their child suffering, Randi said, but the couple's little boy is also bringing out hope and affirming their faith. 

"We've seen such amazing things and amazing people," she said. "For Brody, I would do it again in a heartbeat." 

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