Holmes project Winnipeg

Celebrity handyman, Mike Holmes, was in Winnipeg Saturday for the ribbon cutting of a new, energy townhouse development his company will help build. (CBC)

Home improvement celebrity Mike Holmes was in Winnipeg for the ribbon cutting for a new townhouse project at the CN Fort Rouge Yards that he will help build. 

Holmes made the sales pitch to potential buyers at the construction site Saturday afternoon. 

"These homes are designed for you, for me, for the environment for everyone to last," said Holmes. "I have been filming five year old homes, and it makes me sick that I have to go in and fix these houses." 

The television handyman's company, The Holmes Group, will be involved in the construction of what its calling energy efficient townhomes that will have access to rapid transit, bike paths and green spaces. 

The area is being developed by Gem Equities, calling it Winnipeg's first transit-oriented project. 

Some people living in Fort Rouge aren't happy with the developers, saying they're not sure if the project is right for the neighbourhood. 

Residents were handing out flyers Saturday which listed the project's negative points.