City of Winnipeg meter readers will be doing their annual summer house calls starting Wednesday, and the city wants homeowners to be able to recognize crew members by their unmistakable blue-striped uniforms.

The city announced its annual meter reading campaign would extend throughout the summer months, starting May 7 and going until the end of August.

City water meter readers will be visiting homes between the hours of 2:30 and dusk, wearing dark blue pants or shorts, with a light blue striped shirt containing a City of Winnipeg Water and Waste logo above the left breast pocket.

The city emphasized homeowners check the identification of meter readers before letting them into their home, adding the caveat that meter readers are only to take water readings and do not collect money for services at any time.

Meter readings are required four times annually and typically residents will receive a letter of reminder before readings are set to take place between September and May.

Winnipeggers can call the city's Utility Billing Centre at 204-986-2455 or email at with any questions about the summer meter reading visits.