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People in Melita, Man., are bracing for high water once again.

The western Manitoba town sits on the Souris River and is expecting major flooding after hearing the province's latest flood forecast on Wednesday.

Mayor Bob Walker said Thursday the community has plenty of sand and expects to start erecting massive Hesco barriers next week. The one-metre-square wire cages can be unfolded and quickly filled with dirt or mud, then linked together for a long row.

The town is also planning to top the permanent dikes around Melita with 1,900 meters of temporary tube dikes. Those dikes are 15-metre-long tubes that are filled with water and strung together or stacked.

At the moment, however, there is no water to fill them. The ice on the Souris River is still thick.

"Normally, you've got water lapping at the dike and you just pump out that water to fill your tubes. Right now we've got to wait for the water," Walker said.

The biggest flood risk is to an area known as machinery row, which is outside the community's permanent dike.

Melita is located about 130 kilometres southwest of Brandon.