Winnipeg will soon be bombarded with mayoral campaign signs.

Saturday marks the first day mayoral hopefuls can post signs for the upcoming civic election.

“Signs basically can appear on private property,” said Marc Lemoine, the city’s senior election official. “Most candidates post their signs.  They contact the homeowners and post them on private property, but they can also be on public roadways.”

According to election rules, signs on streets have to be secured with a wood post, not a metal one.

“If you put it on private property, it can be things, virtually any type of sign,” said Lemoine. “But if you put it on a public roadway, it can’t be supported by things like metal stakes, wire, those types of things.”

Why? To prevent dangerous, flying advertisements, according to Lemoine.

“The city goes along, mows the grass or does other things and sometimes those things can turn into projectiles,” said Lemoine.

Any violations in placement or materials will result in sign-removal from a bylaw officer.

Winnipeggers go to the polls Oct. 22.