Mayor Bowman announces selection committee for Winnipeg's next CAO

The search for Winnipeg's next CAO is on again.

CAO responsible for leading the City's public service, which includes nearly 9,000 employees

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman announced the selection committee for the city's next CAO on Wednesday. (CBC)

The search for Winnipeg's next CAO is on again.

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman is one of nine on a selection committee for the city's next CAO, and he announced the other members on Wednesday.

The committee is made up of all members of the executive policy committee, including councillors Jeff Browaty, Janice Lukes, Brian Mayes, Marty Morantz, John Orlikow and Mike Pagtakhan. Councillors Jenny Gerbasi and Matt Allard round out the committee. They which will choose the person who will lead nearly 9,000 employees of the city's public service.

The search has been on hold since May, and will resume under the guidance of the City of Winnipeg's Corporate Support Services Human Resources Division. 

The applicants from last year are still being considered for the position, and the posting will be available for three weeks in December for new applicants.

According to Bowman, the individual selected for the position will demonstrate expertise to lead a civil service into the future, and who can fulfill the city's mandate to move forward with strong leadership.