Two Manitoba singer-songwriters have won a grand prize for their duet in the International Songwriting Competition.

Matt Epp and Faouzia are the first Canadians to win the top prize in the competition, Manitoba Music said Wednesday.

Matt Epp became a musician before he could write music

The International Songwriting Competition called the duo's song the The Sound  "the perfect synergy," in a press release.

"It showcases the talents of each songwriter and singer, interweaving the yin and yang of Epp's stark, tender vocals with Faouzia's soaring delivery. Their contrasting styles and interpretation of the soulful lyrics and melody express the song's sentiment, conveying a yearning and vulnerability," the release said.

The two Manitoba artists met through the Winnipeg Folk Festival's Stingray Young Performers Program, where 16-year-old Faouzia was a participant and Epp was a mentor.

Manitoba Music said The Sound was chosen by judges from more than 16,000 entries from 137 countries.

The International Songwriting Competition is an annual contest for aspiring and established songwriters who want their work heard on the international stage.