The owner of a new massage parlour in downtown Winnipeg is defending his business.

John McKenzie wants to open Bliss Body Works on King Street.

However, an organization called Youth for Christ is hoping to stop the business from opening. The group claims the business is more about offering clients pleasure, than a massage.

McKenzie told CBC News that he has explained to the group their view of the business is wrong.

"We had told them, in our meeting when we met with them, that none of that's going on," McKenzie said. "And the girls are going to sign a condition of employment that they're not allowed to do any of that kind of stuff and we're going to monitoring those types of things."

McKenzie said the business plans to offer a variety of massage experiences and sessions with a personal trainer.

City officials have approved the business.

Youth for Christ are planning to go to city hall on Monday, looking to reverse the approval.