The sentencing hearing for convicted kidnapper Kevin Maryk, scheduled for a Winnipeg courtroom on Monday, has been put over until July 14.

Maryk pleaded guilty to kidnapping his two school-age children and hiding them in Mexico for four years.

Kevin Maryk

Kevin Maryk pleaded guilty to two counts of abduction and is set to appear in a Winnipeg courtroom Monday morning. (Winnipeg Police Service)

Abby and Dominic Maryk went missing in August 2008 and were discovered in Guadalajara, Mexico in May 2012. Soon after, they were reunited with their mother, Emily Cablek, in Winnipeg.

Maryk and co-accused Robert Groen were arrested and extradited to Canada.

In June, Groen pleaded guilty and sentenced to one year in jail on abduction-related charges.

Maryk pleaded guilty to two counts of abduction. Now, the Crown is seeking a five year prison term, while the defense is asking for 18 months, including time he has already served in custody.

Maryk’s sentencing hearing began last week, revealing troubling letters the man sent while in Headingley Correctional Centre.

Maryk sends manic, threatening letters from jail

CBC has obtained copies of those letters sent to friends in jail and family members, including one of Maryk’s daughters from another relationship.


Abby and Dominic Maryk are seen with their mother Emily Cablek. She retains legal custody over them in Winnipeg.

In one, he asks a family member to “find out where my kids are. Start by going to there (sic) last house.”

He asks family members to spy on the children using a telescope and wait in the area around the time school lets out. He mentions a make and model of a car and a type of dog that might tip off the family member.

“Find them so I know where they are. Look in the Yellow Pages under schools,” he writes.  

He also asks another family member to kill someone’s dog with anti-freeze.

“Keep it quiet,” he writes.

Maryk also threatens to kidnap a family member if they do not go with him back to Mexico after his release.

“One way or another I will get you down there,” he writes. “Don’t make me kidnap you. I will! Because when I say something I do it.”