A New Year’s Eve water main break that saw cars frozen and left people without water for days is still causing problems in the Maples.

The break happened at about 7 a.m. at a townhouse complex on Morello Bay at Jefferson Avenue, soaking and then freezing cars and icing up any running water the nearby residents were hoping to get.

The water was finally restored on Thursday, but now a number of cars are literally frozen solid and some people still don’t have access to hot water.

Amandeep Sidhu’s car was one trapped in the icy mess. He said his only option now is a tow truck.

“We have nothing to … break this,” he said. “I think some tow truck will pull this one out.”

Meanwhile, area resident Bob Smith is still waiting for hot water.

“I still haven’t had a shower yet. I’m going to my friend’s now to do laundry, so I can have a shower there and everything,” said Smith.

As for Sidhu and other people who parked in the flooded and frozen lot, Manitoba Public Insurance said it will payout for the damage done.

The only hitch? They have to find tow trucks willing to take them first.

Mary-Anne Katyryniuk said a tow truck company told her to wait until the ice melts.

“They were going to come and pick it up on New Year’s Eve until I told them the tires were frozen,” she said. “Then they said they’d come back when it’s warm.”

It could be a long time before that happens, with temperatures below -24 C forecast for the weekend.