The flood in southwestern Manitoba this year has destroyed or seriously damaged many of the province's bridges.

Ruth Eden with Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation said 20 to 30 bridges are in need of replacement, and another 20 need major repairs.

Many bridges in the southwest that have buckled or been otherwise damaged were not designed to sustain such significant amounts of rain, said Eden.

“We've lost a few of our concrete bridges, a lot of culverts,” said Eden. “It's basically taken out a lot of inventory in that part of the province.”

Eden estimated the cost of fixing or replacing bridges at $60 million.

"The flood was pretty substantial," she said. "We're estimating right now that it was a one in 300 rain event or more, so they were not constructed or built for that type of flow."

Some temporary repairs have already been done and in most cases access to and from communities is not an issue, Eden said.