Kenneth Dunn, 19, received severe burns in the fire at this Winnipeg home and later died in hospital. ((CBC))

A Winnipeg woman charged with arson in connection with a house fire that killed a New Brunswick teenager has now also been charged with manslaughter.

Suzanne Eckstein, 42, was charged with manslaughter on Thursday, her lawyer Martin Glazer told CBC News.

On June 29, Eckstein's home on Lorne Avenue in Winnipeg's Point Douglas neighbourhood went up in flames.

Ken Dunn, 19 — the nephew of Eckstein's fiancé, George Dunn — suffered severe burns to almost his entire body in the fire, but he managed to escape the house and walk several blocks before being found by paramedics.

The teen, who had been visiting his brother from New Brunswick, died later in hospital. His brother, Calvin, was also burned in the fire.


Suzanne Eckstein is seen in an interview with CBC News the day after the fire. At the time, she said she believed her home had been firebombed by someone she knew. ((CBC))

Eckstein was arrested in New Brunswick — where she had travelled to attend Dunn's funeral — and was charged with conspiracy and two arson charges related to property damage and fraud.

Sterling Dunn, father of the two boys and brother of George Dunn, is pleading for anyone with information on the fire to come forward, saying he doesn't believe investigators have yet uncovered the full story.

"If there's anybody who knows anything at all, please speak up for [Ken]. Please speak up for him. We need some justice here," he said from Squaw Cap, in northern New Brunswick.

"Put yourself in my shoes. If it was your kid, how would you feel? I tell you the truth: I mourn the death of my mother. I mourn the death of my father. But nothing is like your kid."