Being prepared for an emergency made all the difference.

Sheridon Kentner was one of 21 Manitobans recognized Thursday for acts of heroism and bravery in water-related incidents.

Kentner saved a man's life on Dauphin Lake, last March.

A group was out ice fishing in a large crack in the ice.

One man got cold, and decided to head back to the truck. He tried to jump over the crack, but didn't make it.

Kentner said it was pretty clear what he had to do.

"He touched the other side and fell sideways and disappeared under the water except for one arm," he said.

"So I just dropped down and grabbed him by the arm and rolled him out on top off me."

Kentner said it really came down to being prepared.

"What saved his life more than anything was the fact that I had walked over with him in prevention … what might happen more so than the act of pulling him out."

Kentner was awarded a Lifesaving Society Rescue Commendation at a ceremony at Government House.