Bad road conditions

Police are warning drivers of snow covered and very slippery road conditions on the Perimeter Highway. (CBC )

The RCMP says it has been a rough morning on highways in the southern part of Manitoba with the Perimeter Highway being particularly bad on ramps and cloverleafs. 

Police say there are several areas on the highway where cars, trucks and semis have been abandoned due to weather conditions. 

There are five vehicles stranded on one stretch of Brookside alone. 

The other southern highways aren't in any better condition, most are at least partially snow or ice covered and slippery. 

In the southwestern corner of the province drivers are also dealing with visibility issues on top of the bad roads. 

Deep freeze hits Manitoba over weekend 

extreme wind chill

Environmnet Canada has issued extreme wind chill warnings for southern Manitoba as well as the northwest stretch of the province for most of the weekend. (Environment Canada )

According to Environment Canada the entire southern part of Manitoba along with the northwest edge of the province is under an extreme wind chill warning. 

Temperatures are expected to feel colder than -40 C until Monday afternoon. 

Northwest winds following Friday's storm system will be making temperatures much colder over the weekend. 

Wind chills of -40 C to -45 C are expected across the southern part of the province, and reaching -50 C in the northwest corner. 

People are being reminded to check weather updates and road conditions. 

It's also good to keep in mind that under these extreme cold conditions exposed skin can experience frostbite within minutes.