Manitoba will see a province-wide hike in the cost of beer starting Friday.

The Manitoba Liquor Control Commission is increasing the price of "popular beer brands" due to a supplier price increase and an internal markup.

The MLCC said brands like Budweiser and Molson Canadian will see a $2 increase, making the price jump to $23.75 for a 12-pack.

J.C. Siwicki, who owns the Silver Heights Restaurant and Bar on Portage Avenue, said previous increases have been small, but the latest hike is too much for his business to absorb without raising prices.

"Now it's such a huge hit, like $25 to $30 on a keg," he said. "We have to raise our prices."

The commission will also raise the price of liquor next month.

On April 1, prices will go up by about 62 cents per litre. For a 750-millilitre bottle, Manitobans will have to pay about 47 cents more.

You can check on the price of your favorite brand on the MLCC’s website.

The commission last raised the price of beer and liquor in the province in 2010, when they hiked the price of an average 12-pack by $1.25.