The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba says about 1,000 claims are going unreported every year.

A study the board commissioned shows six per cent of claims are suppressed.

"Employers were actively preventing injured workers from filing their claims with us," said the WCB's director of communitcations Warren Preece. "Workers are not getting the benefits to which they are entitled."

The Board says it will launch a public awareness campaign in May to make sure all workers know their rights.

"We respond to every complaint we get about claim suppression," said Preece. "We go out and talk to the both the workers and employers, I mean our goal is not so much to lay penalties as it is to get the claim reported and in the door."

Preece said the WCB has not laid any penalties against any employers.

WCB received failing grade

In October, 2013, the Manitoba Federation of Labour gave the WCB a failing grade when it comes to helping injured workers, saying employers are abusing the system by discouraging workers from filing claims.

The federation's said employers abuse Manitoba's workers' compensation system by telling employees to stay quiet and return to work even though they are injured.

That's because companies with low rates of reported injuries are rewarded with lower workers' compensation premiums, Said MFL president Kevin Rebeck at the time.