Katherine Sinclair

Katherine Morrisseau-Sinclair says she's optimistic her walk around Lake Winnipeg will result in people taking action to help heal the lake. (Supplied by Dené Sinclair)

A Manitoba woman is almost finished her 1,000 kilometre walk along Lake Winnipeg, but she says the work to save the lake is about to begin. 

Katherine Morrisseau-Sinclair has walked from Norway house to within a few kilometers of Manigotogan over the past 28 days.

Morriseau-Sinclair believes the lake has a spirit, and it needs to heal spiritually. 

She also wanted to raise awareness about the lake's threatened status as a freshwater body of water.

"I've seen fishermen talk about a time when that lake was so pristine and clean," she said. "And now that green algae is just smothering her. In Norway House, you know, they're afraid to allow their kids to swim."

lake winnipeg walk

Katherine Morrisseau-Sinclair will arrive in Manigotogan Friday afternoon, after spending the last month walking around Lake Winnipeg. (Lake Winnipeg Water Walk 2014 )

Sinclair said the stories she's heard along the way about Lake Winnipeg are frightening.

"She's very sick, I've seen it firsthand," she said. "The people talk about fishermen, for example, in Grand Rapids who used to be able to fish so abundantly. [Now} they have a great deal of difficulty filling their quota."

Morrisseau-Sinclair said she's optimistic her walk has had an impact. 

She said she's thrilled people in communities along the shores say they will now band together to take action to clean up the lake.

Morrisseau-Sinclair is expected to reach Manigotogan Friday afternoon.