A Manitoba woman is under intensive care in a South African hospital after a boating accident Saturday that almost severed her leg.

Emelia Grobler, of Headingley, Man., was touring South Africa's holiday village St. Francis Bay on a relative's boat with her family when it collided with another boat.

"All of a sudden there were jet skis picking people out of the water and I saw my sister with her brown hair being pulled out of the water," said Grobler's sister Corli.

Grobler's leg was nearly severed by a propeller.

Grobler is currently in an intensive care unit at a hospital in Port Elizabeth, on South Africa's southeast coast, and she could still lose part of her leg.

As Grobler recovers in the hospital on Christmas Eve, her family is struggling to finance her medical costs.

The family believed they had adequate health insurance through their credit card, a BMO (Bank of Montreal) Mastercard.

According to family members, the company is refusing to cover Grobler's medical costs because she is over 26, leaving the family with a bill that could run from $20,000 to $30,000.

The family says they were unaware of the insurance policy's limitations.

“We do have to have additional insurance. We were aware of that,” said Grobler's father Wilhelmus. “That's why we checked before we went.”

"That's [BMO's] job is to let us know the limitations of their insurance," said Grobler's sister Corli.

BMO was not able to provide any comments on Tuesday.

With files from Ryan Hicks