It has been a record breaking week for communities across Manitoba weather-wise and the temperature is expected to keep going up.

Another temperature record was shattered in Winnipeg on Saturday with a high of 19 C. The previous record for March 17 was 12.2 C set in 1938.

Jamie McCreedy at Fantasy Lake Golf Club in Springfield said the course also broke a record Saturday for the earliest opening date ever.

Most golf courses don't open until April in Manitoba, but this year, some are ready for business.

"People were calling like crazy to see if we would be open," said McCreedy. "I guess people are starting to know we're one of the first courses in the city to open and just with the amount of phone calls we decided to give it a try."

McCreedy said Sunday is expected to be even busier.

That's because it has been forecast to be a scorching hot day for this time of year with a high of 26 C in many parts of the province including Winnipeg and Brandon.

If the high is reached will break yet another record this week — the highest temperature for March 18 was set in 2000 at 8.8 C.