Manitoba warns cottagers, campers about rain, stormy weather

The province is warning Manitobans about stormy weather paired with lots of rain for the weekend.

Unstable weather prompts repeat of warnings, watches and advisories

CBC meterologist John Sauder postd this satellite image Friday showing forecast rainfall amounts up to Sunday around noon. He said most of it will fall Saturday night. (John Sauder/CBC)

The province is warning Manitobans about stormy weather paired with lots of rain for the weekend.

Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation's Hydrologic Forecast Centre said Friday the unstable weather southern Manitoba may get before Canada Day includes rain showers and possible thunderstorms starting Friday and continuing through the weekend.

Flood forecasters said parts of southern and northwest Manitoba and the Interlake are expected to receive 40 to 50 millimetres of rain by July 1, and the storm system is packing strong winds. 

The province said flood warnings continue for: 

  • Assiniboine River, from the Shellmouth Dam to Brandon, due to high flows;
  • all points along the Winnipeg River System including Nutimik Lake in the Whiteshell Provincial Park;
  • Lake St. Martin; and 
  • Dauphin Lake.

A flood watch is in place for:

  • Lake Manitoba, and
  • Lake Winnipeg.

High water advisories are in place for:

  • all points along the Red River; and
  • all points along the Saskatchewan River.

Officials said states of local emergency are still in effect in the rural municipalities of Arthur, Edward and Wallace.

They said the Red River Floodway may be operated to reduce the risk of basement flooding in Winnipeg.

Similarly, the Portage Diversion, not currently in operation, will be used if necessary but flows on the Assiniboine
upstream of the diversion are 9,344 cfs. The province said the diversion would only be operated in order to maintain 10,500 cfs along the lower Assiniboine

It said the Fairford River Water Control Structure is being operated for "maximum possible discharge." 

It is also warning cottagers in the Nutimik Lake area, including Dorothy and Eleanor lakes, about overland flooding occuring due to high water levels, and that road access may be affected.

Officials said there are reports of boathouses being flooded and some sandbagging is underway.

Some campgrounds are flooded, including Birch Point, Watchorn, St. Malo, Rainbow Beach, Camp Morton, Falcon
Beach Campground and Falcon Lakeshore Campground.

The province said it has contacted campers with reservations at those campgrounds directly.

Winnipeg also warns about risk of basement flooding

The City of Winnipeg also put out an advisory Friday warning of the risk of basement flooding due to higher river levels.

It is urging homeowners to check sump pumps and backwater valves and ensure drainage is directed away from homes

Forecasters said the Red River is expected to rise about a third of meter in the next week.