airport delays

People waiting for families arriving at Winnipeg's airport should check the flight status for delays. (CBC)

Winnipeg travellers are feeling the effects of a massive winter storm in the eastern provinces with many delays at the airport affecting outgoing and incoming flights. 

Parts of Central and Atlantic Canada were hit hard by snow, ice pellets and freezing rain this weekend. 

A spokesperson at Winnipeg's airport told CBC News flights from Toronto and Montreal are being cancelled or delayed. 

Josie Berrey is trying to get to Fort McMurray Sunday night, but she was told by WestJet her layover in Calgary will be at least six hours. 

"I'm quite disappointed," said Berrey. "I don't want to be stressed, but then here we are."

A WestJet spokesperson says the majority of the issues stem from de-icing delays in Toronto. This in turn impacts the timing of flights that are both leaving and coming into airports across the country. 

"Guests with delayed or cancelled flights are being re-accommodated as efficiently as possible, and we anticipate being able to get everyone re-accommodated by Christmas at this time," said Brie Ogle, with WestJet in a written statement.  

People who are expecting loved ones home from that part of the country are being asked to call the airline or check the flight status online before heading to the airport. 

Airlines are advising people flying out of Winnipeg to show up at the airport two hours early for domestic flights and three hours early for international flights. 

To check on arrivals and departures people can go to the airport's website.