Aboriginal and political leaders are set to meet in Manitoba for the third National Aboriginal Women's Summit.

Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Minister Eric Robinson announced on Wednesday that summit will happen Nov. 1 and 2 in Winnipeg.

He said the summit is a "critical opportunity" to focus on ending violence against aboriginal women and girls.

"We all have a stake in stopping the abuse and exploitation of vulnerable women and girls in Canada," he said.

"This summit is a critical opportunity for governments to continue working with those on the front lines toward ending a national tragedy that knows no provincial boundaries."

Key decision makers from the federal, provincial and territorial governments and national aboriginal organizations will be invited to participate in the summit.

The first NAWS held in Newfoundland in 2007 and resulted in numerous recommendations aimed at improving social and economic conditions of aboriginal women and their families.

The second summit was held in the Northwest Territories in 2008 and built upon the recommendations of the first in areas such as health, safety, wellness, equality and empowerment, said Robinson.