RCMP have laid animal cruelty charges against a Seven Sisters Falls man after a cat was found shot and abandoned on a road.

On Saturday afternoon, officers got a report of an abused animal in Seven Sisters Falls.

RCMP were told a badly injured cat was found by a resident on the side of a road. Officers later discovered it had been trapped, shot with a pellet gun and abandoned on the road.

'How can anybody do that to an animal? Feral cat or not, they are still cats' —Colleen Frank, adopted injured cat

The feral cat was seriously injured but was taken to a local veterinarian by the resident.

The veterinarian believed the animal would survive the attack, and it has since been adopted by a person in the community.

After an investigation that lasted several days, officers charged a 66-year-old man with animal cruelty in connection with the incident.

Colleen Frank adopted the cat, and said one of the cat’s eyes had to be removed because of a pellet.

"Oh, I was just so angry. You know, it’s an outrage," said Frank.

"How can anybody do that to an animal? Feral cat or not, they are still cats."

The veterinary bills are now over $1,400 and climbing according to Frank.

She said she has been overwhelmed by support from the Seven Sisters community.

The man charged has since been released but is scheduled to appear in a Beausejour court on May 7.

Anyone with information about a case of animal cruelty can contact Paw Tipsters or Winnipeg Crime Stoppers at 204-786-8477.