Manitoba's justice minister says the federal government should pursue the abolition of the Senate.

Andrew Swan says he likes the Supreme Court of Canada ruling that says Ottawa cannot act without the provinces, although he would have welcomed a lower threshold than all 10 jurisdictions having to agree.

Swan says there is a growing sense across the country that the Senate should be abolished — and he feels governments should listen.

Swan says he believes Manitoba can be "very persuasive" and there doesn't seem to be any province currently putting up a strong defence of the Senate.

"We would like the chance to be around the table with the other provinces, have those discussions,” said Swan. “We will do our best to convince them that ending the biggest taxpayer subsidy to some political parties in Canada should come to an end.”

Manitoba's NDP government has consistently said it wants the upper house scrapped.

Swan suggests the $92 million spent every year on the Senate could be better spent elsewhere.

He says two of Manitoba's six Senate seats are vacant, and no one has noticed.