Manitoba’s minimum wage bumps up to $10.45 today

Manitoba’s lowest earners are now earning more. On Tuesday, the province's minimum wage went up to $10.45 an hour.

Province will have third highest minimum wage in Canada after 20 cent increase

Manitoba’s lowest earners are now earning more. On Tuesday, the province's minimum wage went up to $10.45 an hour.

The changes were first announced in the 2013 budget earlier this year.

Provincial officials said the move was designed to help low-income Manitobans retain their purchasing power.

Not everyone is happy about the increase though. Scott Jocelyn is with the Manitoba Food and Restaurant Association. He said the increase will cut into restaurant owners’ bottom line.

“It’s disappointing. It’s a struggle in that operators, you know, it’s challenging. It’s very, very competitive in the marketplace,” he said.

Jocelyn said owners will either pass on the hike to consumers by upping menu prices or cutting the hours of their minimum wage earning staff. He said owners are reluctant to increase prices, though, as they know people are not eating out as often as they used to. 

Minimum wage is currently $10.25 in Manitoba. The hike will make Manitoba’s minimum wage the third highest in Canada, behind Nunavut and the Yukon.


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