Manitoba's Green party has promised to establish a guaranteed annual income plan if elected.

Announced on Wednesday, the plan would deliver $6,300 per year to Manitobans in an effort to reduce poverty and the need for welfare.

The program would cost $1.4 billion per year, which the party says they would cover by "eliminating selected non-refundable and refundable tax credits and provincial income-tested benefits."

The guaranteed income would be provided as part of a refundable tax credit that began at $6,300 for a single adult to be delivered through the income tax system.

The party said the move would help combat poverty better than existing welfare and income support programs and make it easier for people to leave welfare for work.

The party estimates the rate of poverty would be reduced from 12 per cent to 6.6 percent if the plan was implemented.

Manitobans head to the polls on April 19.

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