A Manitoba livestock farmer says she's still struggling to recover from flash flooding on her land that killed a dozen of her animals late last month.

Karen Von Bargen, who farms near Gilbert Plains, Man., with her husband, Craig, said the overland flooding on April 28 caught them by surprise.

The flooding was so intense, Von Bargen said, that all of her horses and calves were swimming in water nearly two metres deep.


The horses and calves on Karen and Craig Von Bargen's farm near Gilbert Plains, Man., were swimming in water nearly two metres deep during a flash flood late last month. (Submitted by Karen Von Bargen)

"We were hanging on to fences. And I got my horse out, my one colt that I've started training — he's only been ridden a few times — and I got him out and I rode him in the deepest parts, trying to get calves," she said in an interview Monday.

"This really bothers me."

Von Bargen said she lost 12 animals. Most of them died after becoming ill from exposure to the cold water, she said.

Von Bargen said she believes drainage changes in the area was a factor that contributed to the flash flood.